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Steve interviews the great Ralph White, savior of the James River!

Steve interviews the great Ralph White, savior of the James River!

Our Scottish Terrier feels like a million bucks on a raw food diet!!

love the week forecast!

Go see Body Worlds

Always wanted X-Ray vision? Check out Body Worlds at the Science Museum of Virginia…..$15., till Sept. 23rd.

attention renters……
Real Estate Outlook: Affordability High

We were richly rewarded to see about a dozen eagle with Capt. Mike as our guide on the Jefferson Reach part of the James River. Check out his website:

Visited Olana, a historic artist’s home overlooking the Hudson River. My sister Meredith and I were in visual heaven touring the Moorish masterpiece of Frederic Church. In the 1870s, his landscapes were the most popular paintings of his time. Church and his mentor, Thomas Cole led the Hudson River School. See for more info! 

Time to buy!

Did you know mortgage loans (30 year fixed rates) are at a once-in-a-lifetime low? (based on a 40-year history)…….time to buy or refinance?

Why Richmond is the Rivah City!

Richmond — The political and economic capital of the Confederacy, the city’s capitulation was a key component of Union strategy for four years. Two major campaigns, the Peninsula in 1862 and the Overland in 1864, spawned numerous battles nearby, turning Richmond into the most heavily fought-over city in the Western Hemisphere. Its fall in April 1865 rang the death knell for the Confederacy. By Charles Bryan